Michael | Super Strength | Open | Age: 25 | FC: Jared Padalecki

Job: Council Member/General

Story: He remembers he had a brother, but that is about it. Other than that vague memory, Michael remembers the experiments. He remember the plotting, the weeks of planning rebellion. He remembers Tucker coming to him with the initial idea, of meetings with Indiana and Tyler. Michael remembers the revolt, every nightmarish detail. However, he chooses to ignore those memories. 

Instead, Michael looks forward. He jokes with the Inducted and Uninducted alike, and acts like a big brother, instead of a parent. To him, they’re all siblings, and it can’t be serious all the time. 


  • Balance out the seriousness of his fellow Generals
  • Guide the younger residents of Kazek

Personality: Carefree, jokester


  • Indiana - He looks at her as a sister, and does his best to lighter her mood and break through her icy exterior
  • Tyler - His brother in arms, and in almost every other sense that counts. 

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